Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hook'em Horns!

For a few years now, NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, has been laying down the law on any bad off the field behavior. And you know Mack Brown, the most family oriented, church going, conservative guy out there is 110% behind Goodell. On Sportscenter, Brown was asked about Vince Young's altercation at a Dallas night club and he responds - 
...the guy did the horns down, people shouldn't do that, it's not good.

No matter what college football team you root for, you have to love Mack Brown's passion for the school and his former player. Sure he agrees Young shouldn't be putting himself in those types of situations but also takes a light-hearted jab at the guy who put the horns down. Check out the clip around the 6 minute mark.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Rookie Hazing

Who is carrying your pads Dez?
Dez Bryant refuses to carry Roy Williams' shoulder pads as part of rookie hazing. Good for you Dez, you don't have to do anything you don't want to. Too bad for you that rookie hazing doesn't end at just carrying some pads. Eventually, you are going to get tabbed with the big dinner bill or pranked on. I don't understand Bryant's comments that he is only here to play football and focus on a championship. Uhh, what do you think every player in the NFL is doing -  lallygaggin'? I'm not sure I'm thrilled to hear this from Dez if I am the Cowboys. Sure he's been the first and last guy off the field at training camp and a huge fan favorite but that probably ends as soon as he won the fans over. What happens when its time for media appearances and community services? Is Dez focused on football only? Looks like no time for the people in need. I feel like Dez is going to be an interesting character to watch over the years. He fits the bill for a typical diva WR. He has the skills, troubled past and personality that makes news off the field. Oh, and he is wearing #88 - the number Michael Irvin wore - so he has to do something flashy.

Good luck Dez on the 2010 season. I hope you make the Pro Bowl because first year Pro Bowl players also get hazed. Early wake up calls, huge lunch bills and big bar tabs are awaiting you.

Another No No

For those of you keeping track at home, there are now 5 no hitters in baseball this season. Matt Garza of the Tampa Bay Rays faced the minimum batters, 27 and gave up only one walk in the 2nd inning. The most no hitters thrown in one season in the modern era is 7 in 1990 and 1991. Surprisingly almost the time right before the steroid era began. Here we are today where it looks like steroids have been almost removed the game and the frequency of no-no's are almost ridiculous. 

Did you know that Alex Rodriguez is going for home run number 600? So what happens first - another no hitter or A-Rod's 600th? It's hard to hit a home run when not on steroids, right Alex? Easy bet is Rodriguez hits another one but it wouldn't be a bad gamble.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Man Up!

Welcome to the Open Championship Tiger! The British press and tabloids are all over you. And you thought the US media would be rough. The British reporters are ruthless and aggressive. They are persistent and want answers and so do I. Enough of the "good boy" act. Stop giving the general answers. We all know that's not who you are. You're the dude with passion, fire and aggression. We've seen a little bit of anger come through Tiger when he doesn't hit it like he wanted to. Even when he is physically hurt, Tiger can will himself to victory because he has those traits.

Everyone knows Tiger is following the orders of his publicist or image person but this isn't Tiger. He needs to clear his mind, get it out in the open and be open. I'm not asking you to give a tell all book but at least address the question with some relevant answer. Golf needs plenty of focus to be great but distractions aren't going to help. Tiger needs to analyze his thoughts, purge them and redirect the focus back to golf.

As for my pick to win the Open at St. Andrews, I'm going with Tiger!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Second String


Brett Favre has been seen throwing passes to receivers at Oak Grove HS in Mississippi. Looks like he is getting his reps in. Do you know who isn't? The starting quarterback of that high school team, whoever he may be. I would want my reps with my receivers. I'm trying to win games and get recruited, I don't need you throwing to my guys. You get paid to throw to yours, hell they even get paid to catch. Make up your mind and go play with people your own age.

Also, I don't want to read/hear anything about Favre until the season starts (not even training camp because he isn't showing up for that). Get on it ESPN and stop covering him!

HR Derby winner will be...

It's a long shot but I'm picking Arizona's outfielder Chris Young. Why? because he is on my fantasy baseball team and I had no idea he was even eligible for the derby. I found out today he was in it. Should he be even competing? Batting average is .266 and 15 homeruns. He has more stolen bases than home runs and that usually means the player isn't a power hitter. Good luck to you Chris Young!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


The Good: He finally signs. Most likely with the Heat. James in Chicago back with Boozer would be awesome. Cavs have the home ties which would be nice. Money from hour long show “decision” show goes to Boys & Girls Foundation. Don’t blame him for having his own hour long announcement show, the media has been following him since he was 15, now its time for him to take advantage of it.

The Bad: Cavs are done for but I would like to see management get some good players and actually compete and show up LeBron. ESPN’s coverage of LeBron. Sympathy and money talks. Hard to leave home makes it difficult to accomplish his real goal – winning in the playoffs.

The Ugly: LRMR (LeBron’s marketing company) is probably going to get some percentage of money from the show even if the majority goes to charity. LeBron shows up to his meetings wearing shorts and white tee? Talk about professionalism. LeBron in a number 6 Cavs jersey doesn’t look cool. Why not have a show? There are worse things on TV that make plenty of wasteful money, it’s the world we live in.

What James should do?

King James signs with the Cavs for the max 6 year deal but it will have an opt out option after 3 years in case the team does sucks. Good way to insure your body from trying so hard for nothing -why put your body through all that wear and tear and have no rings? Cleveland will take it as long as they get James. If it fails  James would leave Cleveland a healthy 28 year old that gave the city chances to win but just couldn’t. You have to move on or you end up in Kevin Garnett’s situation – wasting your youth and now with a broke down body and realizing too late in your career what would have been best for you.

Non LeBron Thoughts

Dwayne Wade, who we thought was set for South Beach, listened to teams. Honestly, I think he declared free agency so he could hear what others had to offer to him and other free agents and report that back to Pat Riley so he can top it.

Chris Bosh has never made it past the first round and only made the playoffs twice. That’s worse than Tracy McGrady’s playoff rep. What makes everyone say the Heat will go far? Just a thought.

But Hey Pat Riley, don’t fire Erik Spolestra. He can get the job done. He made the playoffs with no talent and will exceed with talent.

Stan Van Gundy gives as many good quotes as his brother. "It takes 15 seconds to say, ‘I’ve decided to stay in Cleveland,’ but we’ve got another 59 minutes and 45 seconds to, what?  Promote LeBron James?  As if we don’t do that enough," Van Gundy told the Orlando Sentinel.

Are the Knicks happy with the last few days? Are the fans happy? I heard if the Knicks don’t get any more big names, they may overpay some free agents for 1 year deals. Sure they’ll have a better chance to make the playoffs but fans will not be happy.

Who wants to play for the Heat for minimum deals? TMac, Allen Iverson & Juwan Howard? Sadly only one of them is good – Howard. Respectable 6 points and  5 rebounds per game while playing 73 games.

The Heat can find plenty players who will play for nothing for a chance to win the ring.
Kobe is resting and licking his chops to for a chance to prove he can take down any duo or trio.

Show me the money!

You can’t blame the big name free agents for capitalizing on the free agent opportunity.  This is a business and you must weigh all your options. We live in a country of capitalism yet these players are drafted to teams and they don’t get to pick their employer. And some rookie contracts have team options. Toronto is upset that Chris Bosh wants to leave their organization. It's business, you tried your hardest to retain your employee and didn't. Stop being bitter. Don't be an a-hole and prevent a guy from taking the max contract. Do the sign and trade and take your trade exception and use it wisely. When players ask for a trade, the bad guy is the player. I’m sorry isn’t he the guy putting butts in those arena?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bold Prediction

I started this blog about a month ago and one of my predictions was about how I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw more pitching accomplishments. Since we’ve had one near no-hitter – Ted Lilly, a “perfect game – Armando Galarraga and a no-hitter by Edwin Jackson which is the 4 th overall this season. Also, Stephen Strasburg has been tearing it up. We may not see many runs this year but its nice to know the playing field is leveled. Where you at hitters?!?