Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jim Joyce Looks Good

I haven't really watched soccer till this month but I think it's time for replay. FIFA should add one extra referee who watches the match from a box in the stadium. Replays are pretty much available on demand and if they could get one person to quickly review without stopping time, fans, players and coaches would be very satisfied.

Another solution is to have sensors detect when the ball passes through the posts. Think about it!

Entourage Drama

Rumor has it that Mark Sanchez is hooking up with Jamie Lynn Sigler. Sigler and erry Ferrara aka Turtle from Entourage broke up in December. Funny how Mark Sanchez looks like Vinny Chase from the show. Just a weird connection.

Ball Don't Lie

Looks like Rasheed Wallace is going to retire. His knack for getting technical fouls overshadows his game. Definitely undervalued for his play. It was clear he gave it his all in game 7 of the NBA Finals.

He is a nightmare matchup. A 6 foot 11 inch guy who can shoot from anywhere on the floor. And his range is deadly considering he shoots so well - a career 47% from the field. He can post up, rebound, block shots and all the dirty work inside. Wallace can also defend mobile big men like Dirk Nowitzki. And above everything else he provides entertainment with his bold quotes and consistently getting technicals.

Oh and for those wondering what that white spot in his hair is, its a disease called Vitiligo.

Bye, Bye USA

Sadness...US is ousted in the World Cup and drama they provided is gone. Below are my reasons for a conspiracy to not have US advance any further.

  • Its a sport that we don't dominate in so the rest of the world doesn't want us on the big stage hence all the terrible calls and disallowed goals.
  • Obama wanted to visit South Africa if US advanced. South African officials were scared about the amount of security needed and chaos it would create. They wanted US to lose early and they got their wish.
  • Doesn't it feel like US always screwed over in soccer? Germany's no call hand-ball in 2002 immediately comes to mind.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We Are the Yanks!

Changed up the design in honor of the US soccer team. 

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

Dwayne Wade hinted at the idea of the top NBA free agents having a pow-wow to discuss their future teams. I want to be at that meeting! How does that meeting even go down?!? It’s like picking teams in middle school basketball but you are actually playing for something. What if Wade wants to play with Chris Bosh but Bosh wants to play with LeBron James who wants to play with John Wall? Who is going to get the short end of the stick? You can’t just settle on a team and future teammates, this is going to define your legacy. Who is going to agree to play without the other 2 for the next 5 years? I wouldn’t want to waste my prime years watching 2 guys win titles and have fun without me. Sure the one who feels left out will end up on a decent team with good enough talent to compete but that won’t compare to having 1a and/or 1b on your team.

That’s why I’ve been preaching since the day I knew what free agency is all about that superstars need to put their egos in check and take less money to play with the other great players. James, Wade and Bosh should team up for a little less money for a few more wins and rings. It's a lot to ask for because you will always be questioned if you could of done it alone or be compared to Hall of Famers differently because of who they played with. So what? Push it all aside, its about winning. Just look at what happens when the playoffs rolls around. Kobe walks and talks winning. LeBron stop his laughing and goofing around to put his serious face on. Hell his answers are so short, its pointless to interview him. The superstars will get the global publicity because it’s like watching a dream team. The big complaint is will they be coachable and who will hog the ball? I think these guys are smart enough to understand what is at stake.  None of them really have had major issues with coaches, management or teammates. If they have, its been behind closed doors which goes to show you the class they carry.  Any team with great players could sign the best-fit role players and be successful. Wade, James and Bosh are icons no matter what they do.  They get money from endorsements, showing up at events and whatever other businesses they’re involved with. Money shouldn’t be an issue if it’s truly about winning the big one. Think about the trend they could start within the league – let’s be awesome together. They’re supposed to be role models. Show the kids money isn’t everything. I’ve never had 21 million dollars offered to me but how much different is it from 15 million? Don’t tell me 6 million.

Personally, I would like LeBron to stay in Cleveland because I like when players stay with one team throughout their careers. Plus it’s a good story since he is from Cleveland. But if he has to go somewhere, go to Miami because well…its Miami.

No Fun League

What harm is TO doing in the above picture? Nothing! It's entertainment. If the NFL is going to have multi million dollar TV deals, give the people what they want to see. But the No Fun League bans celebration that have been setup or rehearsed.

After watching many World Cup matches this year, I've seen so many interesting celebrations. They have so much fun after scoring (probably because they score so little). The players dance, slide, take off their shirts and basically go bananas. Not only does the offense score but they let you know about it by showboating.  If the other team doesn't like it, they should play better defense. 

Thanks NFL for taking the fun out of things.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Save the Big 12

Tony Gutierrez AP
Everyone was waiting for Notre Dame to decide on moving to the Big 10 but Nebraska started the fire and left the Big 12 for the Big 10. That gives the conference 12 teams in the conference. If I’m Notre Dame, I go join them. This isn’t the old school Fighting Irish where your name alone brings recruits and fame. They haven’t been close to continuous decency in a while. Times have changed and ND can no longer survive on its own.  Sure they have the TV contract with NBC but I don’t think NBC would be upset to drop that. Their ratings aren’t so hot anyways. I expect Missouri to follow Nebraska and join the Big 10 pending an invitation and possibly Rutgers goes too.

I want the Big 12 to stay together even if all these teams leave.  Colorado wants to leave for the Pac 10 making that potentially 3 less teams in the conference.  I have a crazy idea, why doesn’t the Big 12 start doing some recruiting? Let’s go get TCU!! They’re good, in Texas and the Horned Frogs would love to prove itself against Texas and OU each year. While we’re messing with the conference let’s move OU and OSU to the north division. That would be a good balance of power so we get an awesome Big 12 Championship game every year. Can't have a championship game without 12 teams but Big 12 isn't a fan of championship games anyways. However, it's all about money so go get TCU, Boise St and Arkansas and regroup the Big 12!

No one is mentioning Baylor in this mess. Why? They actually are decent in basketball and football these days. Baylor is going to ride UT’s back and the Longhorns will let them. Texas should want Baylor wherever they go because of its potential and proximity to reduce cost of travel.

Should the Big 12 consider Boise State? Should Boise State reach out to the Big 12? Boise may not be close to the south but Texas isn’t close to the Pacific coast. If the Big 12 wants to save itself, go call Boise State. I want to travel  to that game to go see the Smurf Turf.

If the inevitable happens and most the Big 12 joins the Pac 10, people are going to say that this will be a super conference. That's what we said when the Big 12 formed with Texas, A&M, OU and Nebraska.

How come no one is talking about the basketball aspect of this? Kansas is getting screwed. They will be a powerhouse in a non powerhouse basketball conference.

School'd Ya!

Getty Images
The Washington Nationals are saved!! haha just kidding. Stephen Strasburg had a great debut by striking out 14 Pirates. Good thing he faced the Pirates or he would of just had 7 strikeouts. Impressive, no doubt. Good luck against the Indians, I expect nothing less than 10 strikeouts.

The future of the Nationals is actually Bryce Harper, this years #1 pick in the MLB draft. He was so confident in his skills that he dropped out of school, got his GED and enrolled in a junior college so he could be eligible in the 2010 draft. I guess you can't really blame him since everyone claims he is the "chosen one" and the LeBron James of baseball. 

Dropping out of high school to go pro may become a troubling trend in all sports. Jeremy Tyler (San Diego HS) dropped out in 2009 to go play overseas in Israel and plans to come back in 2 years to be eligible for the NBA draft. Their reasoning is you will probably learn and grow more in a professional league. If your mind is mentally ready, I say go for it. You are more likely to get in trouble while at a US college. Heck if you don't, the chances are your school commits some recruiting violation or the coach is involved in some scandal and all your accomplishments are stripped. You really do miss out on the college experience with your teammates and all the craziness around college world series and March Madness.

I guess education really isn't that important when you are dropping out of high school. The NBA and MLB don't care either as long as they can exploit the stars and make their money. But they won't say it. If they were serious about youth education, player's longevity and life after professional ball, all the leagues would get together and make an uniform rule on how to be eligible for their respective drafts. That's just wishful thinking but leagues need to recognize the problem before it gets out of hand.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Terrible Fans

I saw a segment on Sportscenter on how Landon Donovan is trying to bring the competitiveness and passion of the Europeans to the US national team for this summer's world cup. In January 2010, he played for Everton in the English Premier League. It was interesting to hear the European fans chant “USA, USA” when he setup for a corner kick. There was a part where a fan stopped Donovan on the road to ask for an autograph and he continued to thank him for his play. It’s amazing of all the things they could chant to Donovan, they chanted his nationality. Must have been an awesome feeling. True passionate fans.

Read the link below for the exact opposite reaction (or I’ll give the short story).

Brian Ching did not make the final 2010 US national team roster after being a mainstay for years. It’s disappointing not to have the opportunity to play for your country on the world’s biggest stage. But it must be the absolute worst feeling when the same people from the country you want to represent are chanting “US reject”. WOW! Way to kick to a guy when he is down. It’s not like he did anything wrong, I’m sure he tried his best and just didn’t make it. His response, "I was just thinking that I got farther than every single one of them chanting so, if they want to try to mock me about it, look at themselves first.” TRUE STORY!! He isn’t the first one there when you are declined a call back for an interview. He doesn’t show up to your workplace and comment when you got passed over for a promotion.

Hope none of these fans go to South Africa to represent the US fan base. Because if they talk mess to other countries they better watch out, non-US fans take soccer a lot more seriously than US.

Everyone heard about the terrible call umpire Jim Joyce made to ruin baseball’s 21st perfect game. Like everyone else, I’m glad the umpire apologized and Armando Galarraga hasn’t gone crazy on Joyce (I would of probably thrown the ball in his direction). I understand fans are upset at the umpire but there isn’t much you can do about it now. So what the hell is up with sending him death threats? Really? You want to kill the guy over a blown call which in no way affected you? Even worse, you want to harm his family? Those people need to get their brains checked out. How does that help anyone? Nobody will ever know.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pac 16?!?

Donald Miralle/Getty Images

The 2005 BCS National Championship between USC and Texas was one of the greatest games ever. Could it happen every year? Multiple sources within an  report cite the Pac-10 will extend offers to 6 Big 12 schools. There were rumors that Kansas or Colorado might get offers but SIX!! That’s half the conference. Will it actually happen? I highly doubt it.

So why does the Pac 10 invitations seem so drastic? Money and exposure are the obvious reasons. I believe the Pac 10 is planning for the future. USC's athletics are about to recieve a big blow. USC is going have major infractions against both the basketball and football program at the same time.  This isn’t your mid-major, 10,000 student enrollment college. We are talking about the USC football team who won game after game and got as close to as a dynasty as you can in this century. The basketball team that finally was successful and recruited the highly recruited OJ Mayo. The NCAA will probably come down on USC harder than most schools because of who they are and what they accomplished. Then again it’s USC. SoCal will always have great high school recruits, USC will continue to win and cruise along like nothing happens.

But just in case USC doesn’t go on without skipping a beat, the Pac 10 is preparing for the worse. What is the Pac 10 without USC being successful? Especially in football. Sure there will be a Pac 10 champion but will they hold up against the powerhouses of college football? Usually the odds are against them. 

Now let’s say all 6 teams do go to the Pac 10. This isn’t a conference anymore, its half the nation. It will trigger the other conferences to look into expansion. What you will eventually get is 2 conferences like the NBA. And just maybe, college football will look into playoffs instead of mathematics and votes to decide who plays in the final game. Now that’s crazy!! I don’t see anything drastic happening anytime soon.  At most 2 teams from the Big 12 leave and my guess is Missouri & Colorado.

On a side note, if Bush is stripped of the Heisman trophy, don’t leave the 2004 winner blank - that just looks weird.
Give it to Vince Young!!!! \m/

History 101

You would think the NBA and ESPN/ABC could come up with a better advertising than promoting the Lakers-Celtics rivalry.  Hardcore basketball fans are going to watch regardless and the casual fans will tune it because it's the finals.  I’m not quite sure the average viewer of General Hospital is convinced to watch the finals because of a storied rivalry.  I wouldn't buy into it.  History is what it is…history.  Every time LeBron plays the Knicks and owns the Garden, his post game interviews he says something along the lines of “I’m a student of the game” or “I know the history of playing here”.  It’s cool you know the history but are you playing differently because it’s Madison Square Garden?  Is he not excited when he plays at Ford Center (Oklahoma City)? I’m not giving that guy a max contract if he plays differently in each city.

I have to agree with Kobe, “I don’t give a damn about it”. So stop asking about the past and ask about his knee, finger or Rondo!  I’ll bet a ton of money that Kobe knows the history of this rivalry like his wife’s birthday but it has no impact on how Bryant will play.  When he shoots a 15 footer in Boston, he isn’t saying to himself “wow this is where Magic Johnson sky-hooked from in game 4 in 1987”.  He’s hoping that finger follows through.  Surprisingly, Ron Artest also makes a good point, "I'm not a student, I just love the game. I'm not really familiar with the rivalry.  I'm sure there's a lot of history, but I can't really tell you any details about it."  Ron-Ron keeps it real.  It’s like being on the show Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?  You're smarter but you don’t care about The Battle of Antietam - it has no impact on your job.  Well, I hope it doesn’t because that was one bloody day.

I wonder if the fans even care about the history.  At least not right now.  The 2010 Finals are about the 2010 Finals, not 2008, 1987 or any other historic time. You don’t appreciate the bulky Ipod each time you use your Ipod Nano.  Thank you for the path you paved but I’m worried about right now.  Kobe answered every question about this rivalry with the same answer – It’s about winning and winning this series.  If the Lakers are embarrassed anywhere like 2008, Magic Johnson will be going crazy on a TV near you.