Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Weekend


So we have the Celtics and Lakers in the Finals…again. 
(I can’t wait for the day when it’s the Bucks and Thunder) As much as everyone would have enjoyed watching Suns and Magic run up and down, LA-Boston is going to be a dogfight. It’s a tough matchup to pick a winner. Usually when people can’t pick one or the other, they say the series goes 7 and to the home team. That’s the cop-out pick. I’m picking the Celtics in 6 (even though I don’t want to see or hear from KG). Why Celtics?

Defense wins championships – Boston just looks better at playing defense. At times, the Lakers forgot how to play defense against the Thunder and Suns. The Lakers look like they are winning more because of their offense and that guy Kobe who can take over at will. Go look at game 6 of WCF when Alvin Gentry couldn’t do anything but ask Kobe “why?” LA does have the size to battle with the Celtics. However, two years ago, they were too soft but this time a semi healthy Bynum will be playing. Odom-Wallace, KG-Gasol and Bynum-Perkins…there will be a fight somewhere in there.

Winning on the road – Boston beat Orlando in Orlando, twice. Lakers let the 8th seed Thunder even the series by losing on the road and almost again in game 6 if it wasn’t for Nick Collison blocking out thin air instead of Pau Gasol who scored the game winning basket off that rebound. And when LA was manhandling Phoenix, they let the Suns get back into it by losing game 3 and 4 and almost game 6 (partly thanks to Sasha Vujacic).

Third reason is worthy of its own paragraph!

Have you seen Rajon Rondo play?!?! This guy is out of his mind. He has so much confidence in himself and the team. There are times he fast breaks down court and does a ridiculously good looking pass that you see in All Star Games. This is the 2nd quarter of a playoff game! The guys receiving the pass aren’t all stars, can barely keep up with Rondo and are scared shitless to see a pass they can’t handle especially when they didn’t know it was coming. The Celtics are no longer the Big 3 or the Big 12 like Doc Rivers says. This team is Rondo and the 4 puppets on the court with him. He also plays hard defense on every play, not just when he is pissed after a turnover and hustles back to block the layup like LeBron James. Good luck to you Derek Fisher, you are going to get burned. If Aaron “After Burner” Brooks was a bad dream last year, Rondo is a bad nightmare and that’s assuming there is a good nightmare. Fisher is going to see plenty of the back of Rondo’s head.

Speaking of Rondo’s head, has anyone else noticed his upside down headband? I’m surprised that David Stern hasn’t fined him for having the logo upside down. Isn’t that disrespectful to the league? Disrespectful towards Jerry “the logo” West of the Los Angeles Lakers. OMG Rondo is quietly dissing the Lakers!! Rondo also wears #9 which is the upside down number of LeBron's new number.

Did you see Goran Drajic shoulder bump Vujacic in game 5 and supposedly talk mess about his family in Slovenian in game 6?  I’m not sure Vujacic is the one initiating the trouble but he is contributing. That was the weakest fake elbow throw I’ve seen. Soo umm what was the point of that? Let’s try this with KG!

Vujacic was “kicked off” the Slovenian national team?? There are 10+ better Slovenians better than him? Why didn’t the Lakers draft one of them?? Nothing makes sense here.

Not surprised Dwight Howard or Amare Stoudemire aren’t in the NBA Finals. They’re not basketball players but freakish athletes who make millions playing in the NBA. More power to them but they’re still overrated.


Super Bowl XLVIII hosted by the Giants/Jets in New Jersey. Outside. In the cold. Potential snow and wind. This is football weather but is it Super Bowl weather? What happens when two pass happy teams with no running game are playing? When the game ends 9-6, you can’t call it a defensive battle. You can’t call it exciting either. Well, if they're in the Super Bowl they should be able to handle any obstacle including the weather.

I’m still slightly opposed to the playoff OT rule changes. This is a team sport and defense is part of the game. Don’t rely on the offense to win the game. The problem with overtime is where they kick the ball from. Move the kickoff back a bit so the offense starts their possession closer to the back endzone and not midfield. The players have grown too strong and big for the field. Adjust the rules accordingly, don’t change the entire system. NFL definitely needs to keep the regular season OT rules the same. Overtime occurs at most once a week in any given year.


Two perfect games in less than one month, 2nd time in baseball history there have been two in one year. Pitchers have always been this good, we just didn’t notice because hitters have been juiced up. Now that the use of steroids has declined, the playing field is even and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more pitching feats.

Or maybe I’m crazy and this is a coincidence.

Tiger Woods isn’t playing so nobody really cares about golf, right? Phil Mickelson had a chance to become the #1 ranked golfer but didn’t even make the cut! WHAT?! Isn’t missing the cut a big deal? It was huge news when Tiger missed it. Well it’s not news unless Tiger is somehow involved and Mickelson knows that. Phil’s best tournaments this year, Tiger was playing – Masters, Quail Hollow and The PLAYERS Championship. Phil wants Tiger to be there when he takes over the number one spot. He won’t say it but who wouldn’t want it that way.

Is my golf section longer than baseball??